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See a Tourist Fuck Some Asian Hotties Here. Meet John, a man known for his extensive trips throughout Asia in search of eager Asian ladies with whom he can engage in sexual activity.

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This is a genuine reality website, and it offers a great deal more than only extreme films. John documents all of his sexual experiences and provides members with a glimpse into an entirely new society in addition to a variety of other benefits associated with membership.


This site is a travel journal with an erotica bent, and it's called Asian Sex Diary. The story chronicles the sexual activities of a guy named John Tron as he travels across Asia and dates and fucks a variety of beautiful Asian women. Therefore, not only do you get the opportunity to enjoy some of the local hot spots, food, and tourist attractions, but you also have the chance to meet some of Asia's sexiest women! You'll notice that he also hooks up with babes from Europe and Africa, which is an added bonus for you.

The pros

John calls the women he has sexual experiences with "conquests," and he has already slept with three different women in this year alone. You're looking at a total of more than 2,800 scenes, all of which feature our guy enjoying sex with attractive Asian women. If you've never been to Asia, you'll appreciate the cultural aspect of the content, especially because John visits the most popular tourist attractions in order to give you a glimpse of this part of the world, while also introducing you to babes who are more than happy to go back to his hotel room for sex. If you've never traveled to Asia, you'll appreciate the cultural aspect of the content.

His most recent posts are travel vlogs in addition to other content. On the eve of the New Year, he went to a picturesque beach in Phuket, where he reminisced on the new places he had traveled to over the course of the previous year, such as Bandung, Hat Yai, and Yangon. To read John's account of how he first met the girl and how their sexual encounter went, navigate to the "my conquests" section of the website. His most recent conquest was a woman he met in the mall whose name was Mimi. Because she was nursing, he wound up finding a new fetish in her breast milk.

Stream in High Definition, with New Content Added Every Day

Unfortunately, you are only able to stream the movies on this website despite the daily addition of new "conquests" to the database. The good news is that the majority of them are accessible in high definition (HD) and full high definition (Full HD), along with a large streaming player that enables you to view the action as it happens. You will not experience any buffering issues if you choose to skip forward.

Features that are both user-friendly and easy to navigate

Once you log in, you'll recognize the atmosphere as one conducive to travel and enjoy it. You'll discover times from the most recent few locations that John has traveled to at the very top of the page. The color design is cheery, and the material has been meticulously planned out. You are able to view the content in a variety of different ways. You have the choice to browse the website in either a weekly or monthly format, both of which will display the most recent additions to the site. The material of the "my conquests" portion is organized according to the girl's name, while the "my trophies" section acts as a model index and provides some information about the girl. In addition to a fundamental search engine, the material can be filtered according to location. You are also able to leave ratings and comments, as well as keep track of the scenes that you favor.

Participate Actively in the Community

If you ever wish to travel to this region of the world, Asian Sex Diary is not only a superb travel blog with plenty of beautiful erotica but also a wealth of information that will be helpful to you. Pay a visit to the part of the site titled "Try It For Yourself," and you will find guidance, guidelines, reviews, and other useful information there. You can also ask your own questions and see what the opinions of other users are. You'll also find some information on travel apps, which John has used to overcome the cultural obstacles he's encountered in his pursuit of the sexiest women he's met throughout the course of his life. It is highly recommended that you read this section in its entirety as it provides many valuable lessons.

As an Active Member, you are eligible to earn Loyalty Points

John feels a deep sense of gratitude toward his devoted customers, and as a way to show his appreciation, he has established a customer loyalty program known as "FlightClub." This program enables active customers to earn miles, which can then be redeemed for the purchase of premium content that has not yet been made available on the website. You will automatically gain 100 points just for signing up, and there is potential for additional point accumulation simply by being yourself. Continue being a member on a monthly basis, and make sure you're always active on the site by posting ratings and comments, as well as interacting with it as much as you can.

Other Interesting Stuff:

You get access to around 2,700 different photo sets, all of which have a high resolution and may be saved separately.

The Detractors

It is not possible to download movies.

The fact that John wants to keep his content to himself is understandable, but because of this, downloading them is not an option.

Not All Girls Are Asian

You may come here wanting to see Asian girls from Thailand, Indonesia, The Phillipines, Hong Kong, and Japan; however, you'll also see John with white and black girls from other parts of the world like Canada, the United States, Europe, and Africa. John's travels have expanded over the years to include more regions of the world

A Few Slight Drawbacks:

    • You are unable to download the photographs that are contained in zip files.

    • It is expensive, especially considering that it is merely a streaming service, coming in at roughly $40 per month.

    • There is not an advanced search engine or tags available.

Bottom Line

An online travelogue that also features extreme pornography brings together the sexy side of Asian culture. When you visit a website like AsianSexDiary, you immediately get the impression that a lot of work has gone into creating it. This is something that is always present on John Tron's website; he does not simply hook up with women for the purpose of doing so. Rather, he takes genuine pleasure in the activities he engages in and the life he is living. Not only will you have fun watching Asian girls engage in amateur reality porn, but you'll also go away having gained some new knowledge about a distinct region of the world. In fact, he encourages you to make this way of life your own by giving you the option to do so. A membership to Asian Sex Diary will not only keep you entertained but will also satisfy your sexual needs, despite the fact that you won't be able to download any of the content.

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Asian Sex Diary reviews

Written by MaxPower
Saturday 30 March 2024
Passionate Joy
Moved by the passion.
Written by John
Friday 17 February 2023
Fantastic website
Fantastic and amazing website who have gorgious and very attractive sexy models. Great fun i found on this site

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