Lezzie BFF Review

Gorgeous and youthful French-Canadian babes get it on together in a series of passionate, intense lesbian videos that incorporate toys, fingers, and tongues in various settings. 

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Gorgeous, Naughty, and Young French-Canadian Babes

These lesbian films are rated R for language and sexual content. Although it has a modest collection of films and adheres to the DVD standard, there is no indication that it will be expanded in the future. The channel is one of twenty-three others that make up the Pegas network and are all available to you as part of your membership. Therefore, if you are looking for all-around hardcore with a little bit of lush lesbian action, and it is now on offer for low pricing, Lezzie BFF is a neat entry into a good network with loads of variety but not an overwhelming number of lesbian scenes.

The introduction states that Pegas Productions will provide 24 channels.

- Lesbians from Canada who speak French

- Both Streaming and Downloading Options

- High-definition and on mobile

The initial perception

Lesbian chicks who are sensual, naughty, and very sexy are what Pegas Productions uses to entice you within their network of 24 sites. Pegas Productions is a Canadian porn production firm. Over at Lezzie BBF, where you will find a good number of exclusive films, the focus is on young, slender women who are in shape getting together to eat pussy, play with toys, and turn each other on. These can be seen online or downloaded, and your membership grants you access to 23 other Pegas channels, each of which has a substantial amount of explicit porn content and regular updates. It is impossible to know how frequently Lezzie BFF will update because there is no schedule, but the content that may be seen here is on par with what you will find on tour.


24.95 dollars for one month (or 30 days)

54.95 dollars for three months and ninety days

64.95 dollars for six months and 180 days

For one year, it costs $84.95

Payroll and Credit Card Handlers:

    • FXbilling

    • In our judgment

    • Intro

Pegas is a Canadian porn studio that casts sexy and adorable young women from their home country in its films. At Lezzie BFF, they recruit young lesbian teens aged 18 and over to demonstrate to us how ladies like to have fun. These girls are adorable, and Lezzie BFF is where they find them. The content combines duos and trios and features some unique settings and activities. These include scissoring, toys, and insertions, ranging from the poolside to the boudoir. Within this material are 23 other channels, or sites, if you want, all linked into one network. It is an excellent, solid lesbian hardcore with some incredibly dreamy young females. You can see via a channel or everything at once, and although the tour states that there are five new updates each week, that number relates to the entire network and not just the fantastic lesbians that can be found at Lezzie BFF.


To date, just one channel contains more than 60 videos, and according to their word, they are all focused on the interaction of females. You can access them through either the two menus or the Websites page. The menu runs across the top of the page, and there is also an expanded menu that can be accessed by clicking the icon that looks like a conventional menu on the upper left. If you select Lezzie BFF from one of those drop-down menus, you will be brought to a single index page that contains all 66 of the films. One of my complaints is that no upload dates are listed on this website. We are unsure of whether additional content will be added or when it will be added. When you compare the number of videos available in December 2018 to the number available today, nearly 18 months later, you can see that updates do not occur consistently. Despite this, you will be able to watch a collection of videos of high quality as well as the trailers for those videos.

The length of the films is approximately twenty minutes, and three different MP4 download formats are available. There is no resolution that falls in the middle of the available 720p, 320p, and 1,920 x 1,080 options; the greatest resolution available is 1,920 x 1,080. There is only one possibility for streaming, and the resolution seems to be 720p. Those are the only two choices you have.


I found that pages opened quickly, there were no navigational challenges, and there were no technical concerns. Those two menus help navigate your way across the network. Everything is straightforward to comprehend and follow, and you discover that there are cross-links from movies to entries in the model index. There, 810 hot girls are standing to welcome you and direct you to the other websites that you have open. There are also statistics and facts with some movies and models, in addition to other helpful bits of information, but I have to admit that I found several aspects of Lezzie BFF wanting. That is to say, and there was very little information, very few screencaps or galleries like other websites have, and very little information about the models. This website and the network it is a part of might use some additional connected tag terms and search and sort options.


You have 23 additional channels to choose from, but they aren't necessarily centered on the lesbian topic, which is a positive aspect of the service. More sites cover hardcore, some light kink, reality, gonzo, and Canadian babes. These sites include 3-way Porn, Cutie Pussies, FunSize Teen, Inked Gurlz, and Lust Eden. The entire network is home to more than 770 of its videos, many of which have additional download options and streams, in addition to digital galleries and sets of screencaps that are of sufficient quality. Upgrades have been made to the network, but not to every site. In addition, you have a link in your menu titled Bonus Sites that will lead you to a third-party website called Sexe.ca, where you will be required to register before you can sign in. In addition, the members' section provides you with a few interactive alternatives, such as the ability to leave comments and a connection to an online game. In addition, some unique bargains for access to other adult websites may be of interest to you.

Conclusion about Lezzie BFF

One gets the impression that Lezzie BFF was once a blazingly brilliant concept that was, for whatever reason, shelved at some point. There are fewer download options than there are on some other channels that you have access to, there are no photographs or screencaps, and there is not a lot of information available. The material count has not changed significantly over the past 18 months, and it is still worthwhile to check out because the available content is excellent. There are several stunning young lesbian babes with which one may have a good time, especially if you are interested in many other well-made hardcore with guys and girls together because you have a wealth of benefits included with your membership, which comes at a lower price.

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Lezzie BFF reviews

Written by JacobDragon
Sunday 24 March 2024
Conquered by Each Visit
Not that bad
Written by John
Wednesday 18 January 2023
All kinds of porn
Very easy use layout of the website and also excellent platform that deals with all kinds of porn.

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