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Luscious has been around since 2002 and is more than simply a pornographic website. In addition to that, it is home to a sizable population of individuals who find enjoyment in posting or viewing a wide variety of manga, photographs, movies, and GIFS. Not to mention other features that enable visitors to converse with one another about a variety of topics while chatting.
An Interesting Website That Borrows from The Look and Feel of Netflix About

Initial Impression

Do you get a sense of the lush? What about the pleasant experience of hormones flooding down your privates? is an intriguing website that takes inspiration from the design and organization of Netflix's website. It's kind of like the of the hentai porn world, in that it encourages streaming as well. When you browse Luscious, you are presented with two distinct experiences. To start, there is the anonymous one, which is probably the only one that many people will ever encounter. Therefore, the upper portion of your screen will be taken up by a long bar that displays a prompt requesting you to sign up for videos. This will be followed by an equally huge signup banner, and if your screen has any real estate left over, there is a manga section that you can access. After the mouse wheel has been moved, what else is there to do? Photographs of hentai, pictures of porn (yeah, ordinary porn), featured posts, weird stuff, and then information presented in the form of text.

One thing to keep in mind when putting things together is... The ordinary porn part is terrible since, as everyone can see, it is not the primary focus of Luscious, and the site's designers should have known better. The pictures are generally meaningless, dull, and a waste of time-wasting content. Free porn picture websites are an excellent resource for anyone in need of visuals. The same principle applies to adult videos, since it is preferable to host films of this nature on a platform that isn't trying to multitask too much. Now, let's get to the most exciting part of Luscious, the comics, and the cartoons!

Content & User Experience

Your expectations will need to be "adjusted" because the situation with the Luscious website is not black and white. Not in an awful sense, but as we've already mentioned, it's a jumbled bag of everything, from meh to quality porn videos, and even hentai shows and movies. Have you done that at this point? Good. Let's proceed. Therefore, the information that can be found on is organized into several different parts. To be more specific, manga, photographs, movies, and a limited space devoted to gifs. As you delve deeper, you'll find that there are a variety of subcategories available, including hentai, incest, futanari, furry, ethnic girls, yaoi, erotica, BDSM, cosplay, lesbian, and more. More than 15,000 films are hosted on this website, ranging from short snippets to full-length scenes, and more than 15,000 photo albums are available, all of which contain content that was created by amateurs, handmade productions, and even pornstars. The quality of the content varies, thus HD and full HD videos are not to be expected. When you play a video, there is no option to download it, and you cannot change the streaming quality or the volume of the video.

Do you remember when I pointed out that this website offers more than simply pornographic content?, which places an emphasis on the development of a sense of community among its users, includes both a blog and a discussion page on its website, both of which allow users to freely interact with one another and engage in conversation. You also have the ability to use private chat to communicate with other registered users and to establish your own profile.

Both in terms of its practicality and its aesthetic appeal, Luscious scores quite well. The only advertisements that are visible are the ones that surround the video player. Aside from that, you have access to a plethora of filters and tags that will assist you in locating the items that meet your criteria. Once you have registered, you will have access to a menu where you can select which users you want to follow and which groups you want to join based on the three primary topic divisions. After that, every time you come, the most recent action will be displayed in your news feed.

They have approximately fifty thousand films and more than one hundred thousand photo albums, all of which are filled with steamy hentai images. I can promise you that despite the fact that they could give the impression of being a little bit incompetent in terms of design, this is one of the top fliers when it comes to hentai porn. There are images, videos, blogs, animated GIFs, sex games, and even a section for live cams on this website. The content is a little bit all over the place, but that did not stop me from having an incredible amount of pleasure, if you get what I'm saying. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will discover a convenient navigation and filtering system with a wide variety of sorting and filtering choices.

You can also register by providing a valid e-mail address; doing so is not required, but doing so will earn you certain benefits. This is, of course, a free website, so they won't ask for your credit card information or anything like that. In general, despite the fact that Luscious is probably not the best website out there when it comes to hentai, it nevertheless provides an extensive video base in addition to amazing photo galleries. Once I started looking around, I found that there was a lot of interesting content over there, but it would take some time to look through everything. I was impressed once I did start looking!

The Good

    • A collection of still images, moving images, and videos

    • Numerous distinct varieties of content

    • In addition to that, regular porn is available.

    • A hip and condensed moniker.

    • Pleasant website design; loading times are acceptable.

    • Mobile Support

For The Worst

    • Not everyone enjoys mixed goods

    • It is encouraged that you register for free a part with pointless pictures

The Final Thoughts

Luscious is an entertaining website that focuses on manga and hentai and also boasts a sizable and lively membership base for its users. If you enjoy cartoons, you should give it a shot despite the fact that it is missing some functions. Because viewing videos would necessitate registration, we are deducting one point from your total.

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