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Xfantazy: Almost a million porn videos in one place. Xfantazy is the only adult website which can boast a million porn videos in HD quality for some juicy action in your pants. Check it out right now!

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Simply put, Xfantazy is the unheard goliath of the pornographic world!

If you consider yourself a porn connoisseur (ahem) like me, you’d understand the importance of an all-in-one website. A website that would not only cater to the kinkiest asses amongst you but also to the souls who seek story and drama before the “romance” begins!

But, there are probably hundreds if not thousands of other pages who promise similar shit. So how will you choose one? How would you figure out the ONE holy porn website which can fulfill all your cravings without wasting hours of your precious jerk-off time? Irrespective of the genre you’re into, you’d definitely want to do a little bit of research when it comes time to figure out a fap-worthy website. And I’m quite sure that we all have one default porn tube! You know, the site that you automatically dive into whenever you have to get rid of your boner. Or the site that you go to in order to get one… yea porn is a great way to kill time and cure boredom.

HUMONGOUS quantity.

I can tattoo SpongeBob’s weenie on my forehead if you show me a website that has a bigger collection than Xfantazy’s. I mean this porn website is literally enormous. At the time of this review, Xfantazy boasts a bountiful 32,429 pages of adult videos for you to orgasm from. At 30 videos per page, you’re looking at close to a million hardcore pornos to dry your balls. Now if that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. So, if you run out of juices on this website, you’re either lying to yourself or have lived long enough to have a limp dick, so no need to worry. 

On top of that, there are new videos being added every minute of the day. It’s only a matter of a few months when this website crosses the million mark and plants itself as the reigning mammoth of the porn world.

720p or nothing. Well almost.

Xfantazy tries its best to keep the quality intact. They only allow videos with a picture quality of 720p,1080p,2k, and 4k with very very few exceptions. This is done to keep a high check on the quality of videos getting uploaded. Only once in a while will a video of 240p get a slim chance because of its irresistible content. Yea lets just agree; if the video is too damn hot we don’t give a flying fuck on the quality. That’s the compromise we are willing to make.

When one of the cofounders of this website was asked about this stringent policy he had said:

“We (at Xfantazy) try to avoid XXX movies in resolutions lower than 720p...we honestly believe that good action deserves/requires good quality… there’s nothing quite like streaming all the favorites in high quality, there’s nothing like enjoying brand-new pornography in jaw-dropping HD, too. Tell ya what, it seems like high quality elevates any source material, whether it’s old or new, European or USA-made. The main takeaway is that all our visitors get premium-quality pornography for a very reasonable price – exactly $0.00 in total.”

Therefore, when every other website is racking up its numbers by compromising on the quality of uploads, Xfantazy hold its lease quiet strongly in terms of quality checks. Hence with an assurance in quality, comes an assurance of a good orgasm (does that make sense…?)

Fetish friendly content catering to everyone on Xfantazy

Till date, depending on your mood, you might be jumping from one site to another. For instance, a desire for masochism would make you go to certain website while a desire for romantic affairs would lead you to another. But this is no more the case here. Under one URL, you’ll find all your dishes just as an ideal buffet meal. Be it the roughest sadomasochist kink or the smoothest lusty kisses, you’ll find everything on Xfantazy.

Initially when you scroll through the pages, it looks like they are pretty full of bondage and dominance videos. But you’ll realize soon enough that a majority of the videos aren’t in this genre. I will say that if pain and masochism is your jerk-off jam, there will be plenty of it for you to drown into on Xfantazy but at the same time, if you’re not too into rope play or whips and chains, you won’t feel left out at all. Plenty of romantic vanilla in the mix as well. I like it … looks like there’s a little bit of something for everyone here.

Full length videos. Yep. No more 8-10mins of teasers.

More than 90% of the websites these days including the bug sharks only have the short 10 min clip of the full length videos. The production houses use this as a pathway to get in users to subscribe to their personal shit for the full length bounty. But not on here. I mean yes there are clips and teasers but you’ll also be pleased to see some good hour length bangs.

Finally a website where you can fap your dick off to full length pornography. Yea length matters to me! I’m not a person who would want to change videos every 10 mins so when I get a full length fapper, I go for it!

What about the negatives? There must be some…

It won’t be a lie to say that Xfantazy has outplayed or rather overcompensated its lack of design with its immense bounty of videos. But still, some improvement in their UI and basic layout could be very helpful to the eyes.

The layout is pretty basic. On the top left, you’ll find the site’s logo, a rather boring “X” made of two chili peppers on fire, with “Fantasy” written in a silver font. To its right, you’ll find the obligatory porn tube search bar, where you can type in any combination of tags and you’ll be gifted with a buffet of videos to jerk off to.

Other than the UI, it would be nice to see some social media sharing option or even an option to comment. Yea we understand that comments take up server space which these guys probably want to give to more videos but c’mon, if I can’t express my love for my favorite pornstar by commenting on her videos, what am i even doing!

The Final Verdict: Would I recommend Xfantazy?

The fact that this website showers us with technically an unlimited number of porn videos is in itself a gift. So if we ignore the shitty design and UI and focus on the huge variety and quantity of content; Xfantazy makes the deal.

My ratings:

    • Ease of Use: 3/5

As I said, the UI needs an upgrade.

    • Quality of content: 5/5!

With almost a million videos and a hundred genres, you can never be left unsatisfied if you come here.

    • Additional features: 2/5

Needs improvements in basic features such as sharing, commenting etc. Not a necessity but a “common luxury”.

    • Safety against scams: 4/5

With almost 0 snooping or allegations till date, this website has a pretty clean track record.

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