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Tired of searching for porn? Not anymore. Try out Findtube to find the porn you’ve been looking for in a matter of seconds.

Findtubes is here for its speed. When you see the amount of porn that exists online, it feels like a job to find the worthy one to jerk off to. And boy o’ boy if you aren’t careful you’d end up spending hours online trying to jump through various websites and search tags to finally find one single video worthy of an orgasm. I personally have wasted a shit lot of time surfing through the pornographic sites, clicking through video after video in order to find exactly what is going to hit the spot for my extremely particular craving. But yea, don’t you worry, after years of surfing through shitty websites, I’ve made you these reviews which can give you every nitty-gritty you ever want.

Whether you are looking for a specific kind of video (like a blonde midget getting fucked in a public restroom), or you just wanna jerk off to anything you want, these porn tubes and aggregator websites are always a good way to find some decent content to make you bust a hefty nut. Now let’s be honest guys, no one these days has the motivation or the patience to wait for hours with their boners in their hands searching for porn. We all want quick fixes. We want the hundred thousand results served to us in a matter of seconds.

Therefore when the developers of Findtubes sat down to build this website, they had only one thing as the header: SPEED. This website’s all about finding the juiciest porn video in the least number of clicks. With its comprehensive category/tag-based search engine filtering out all the most well-known and most frequently used categories/tags on popular porn tubes, this website allows you to search for the video you’re craving for… in the quickest manner possible.

So in this article, let's dive into this search engine porn website and see what all the fuss is about. If it's worth a shot or a no go.

Category-based searches. Finally!

Finally, someone cracked the code! Let’s say tonight you decide to beat your meat to some “blonde schoolgirl with glasses”, if you decide to search this term in the search bar, you’ll end up with hundreds of videos that not only give you a list of blondes but also give you separate list for each of those tags. That’s something you definitely didn’t want. Instead, you could go for the category based searches present here. On Findtubes you can choose the categories in a very systematic manner and choose exactly what you want. This will help you narrow your searches minutely to the last detail and give you the exact video you’ve been looking for!

But yea don’t get too excited as not every categorical search will yield a bounty of results. For instance, don’t expect to find a hundred hits if you’re searching for “blonde + airplane + gloryhole + mature + forced”. I mean you could give it a shot but the chances of finding a blonde mature girl getting forcefucked in an airplane through a gloryhole seem quiet low! You get what I am saying.

A buffet of categories

Even though the search seems to be limited categorically, the buffet of options you get in your plate is actually huge.

Findtube seems to host almost every genre imaginable. Some tags are as fantastic as your wildest fetishes could beam. For instance, I saw a few “cum in eyes”,”penis pump”, “cum in cake” to name a few. The point is, you can truly let your guards down and explore freely to see what excites you and then jerk the meat off to glory.

Optimized for mobile and tablet viewing

How many websites do you actually know that have an optimized mobile or tablet mode? And no I don’t mean a crappy rendition of changing the aspect ratios but rather a well thought out design of viewing which compliments the device it is in. Findtube is one of the rare breeds out there that actually has a perfect layout and design for optimized mobile viewing.

So all those nights of trying to zoom in n out on that 9 inch screen is a past. Enjoy a lovely “jerky” experience with this completely optimized website. Therefore, If you’re the type of guy to sneak away in a certain isolated bathroom while at some sort of gathering or at work, then you’re probably as ecstatic as a kid with new toys. Now don’t waste your time and grab your phone already!

Ad-free. Almost.

When you visit a porn website, you seldom get bombarded with advertisements that often ruin the mood. Sometimes they even use bright disturbing colors to distract you and this leads to a rather foul experience. Findtubes has taken special note of that and has tried to reduce as much distraction as possible. With a very low number of distracting advertisements, this website certainly makes the mark in providing a good experience.

What about the negatives?

To be fair, this website certainly has quite a few negatives.

Starting off with the fact that this website has no content of its own. It’s just a search platform but it needs to find a way to help users reach the targeted videos in a more optimized manner. Most tags would lead to the results real quick but getting to a spam-less website is sometimes difficult.

Secondly, sometimes the search tags are way too specific. Even though this is a positive feature at times, it can easily turn to be a real bummer in the ass especially if you just wanna have a good time jerking off. You get way too confused.

Lastly, the website UI should be improved. It feels a bit too clumsy especially when you’re not really accustomed to its various features and artifacts.

The Final Verdict: Would I recommend Findtube?

If you want a super fast search engine that gives you a plethora of video categories to jerk off to, then FindTubes is your best bet. Otherwise, I’d say you could calmly skip it without missing a lot in the pornographic multiverse!

My ratings:

    • Ease of Use: 2/5

A lot could improve in the UI and design. It seems pretty basic and clumsy.

    • Search engine: 3/5

The categories are phenomenal but the overall search is pretty lame.

    • Costs and Security: 3/5

It is a free platform with no leaks or problems to date but it still stores user data hence an average of 3 is justified.

    • Safety against scams: 2/5

The host websites which Findtube leads you to could be really shady as they don’t filter out anything. So use your discretion well.

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FindTubes reviews

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Wednesday 27 March 2024
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Friday 23 December 2022
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