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PornHub Review: Is PornHub Really The Best Adult Website There Is? This fresh review article brings you an assessment of PornHub - Is this porn tube cut out to be the best adult website?

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Introduction, Description & A Brief History of PornHub

Before we get into a complete assessment of PornHub and whether or not it lives up to its glory, let's introduce what PornHub really is. PornHub is one of the leading adult websites that there is! But is PornHub really all that? We'll find out in this review article!

PornHub is one of the several internet pornography surfing or pornographic video streaming websites owned by MindGeek. PornHub, specifically, is Canadian owned and is one of the most visited websites in the world!

    • Description of what PornHub actually is:

If you sign into your VPN (needed in some countries) and load up the website PornHub, you'll find porn videos from all over the world. PornHub does not differentiate based on any categories. If you are in the mood for something, all you have to do is search for it and voila...there you have it! PornHub is a adult pornography video streaming website designed to cater to all your pornographic needs.

I personally remember, as a teenager, wanting to look at something to get myself going but all the websites I could find links to were blocked. Before you let your imagination run amuck, let me bring to your attention that I was a teenager a long, long time ago and over 18 years of age!

But PornHub was there for me when I finally figured out how to access those websites. It, in all its glory, was the treasure trove of excitement, thrill and at some point of time, education as well for me. Now that I've sat down to write this PornHub review article, I've opened up the website yet again to see the hottest real estate agent giving the most satisfying thank you to a client.

    • Brief History of PornHub:

Launched first in 2007 in Montreal, Canada, PornHub was bought by MindGeek (it was known as Manwin then) in 2010. The site may be blocked in some countries but like I said, VPN is a wonderful thing.

Web developer Matt Keezee had a vision for the website he created. That vision has realized many folds as PornHub stays the leading pornographic video streaming website over decades now. Now they've expanded and introduced services like virtual reality porn complete with PornHub annual awards!

The user interface and quality of PornHub

When you open up the website, it feels like PornHub is the Facebook for porn enthusiasts. And rightly so, because you can both add friends and stalk members on PornHub! Well, don't actually go around stalking people but PornHub does give you the option to keep up with your favourite members.

    • User Interface of PornHub:

Here's a quick recap of what the website actually looks like. Be it the mobile view or the laptop view, once you open up PornHub, side by side you'll find the options of Live Cams, Hook Up Phone Sex and the option to get the PornHub Premium Subscription right on top.

But you wouldn't really be looking up that much, because videos recommended for you would line up one after the other for you to scroll through and watch. The options in this case are numerous. Ah but don't forget to log in as a user. Being a guest is well and good, but the real fun of using PornHub is when you're a registered user.

Other than that you can view the Community Feed or the Community Videos if you're a registered user and part of the PornHub community!

The Features That PornHub Offers

There are several other features present in the website PornHub that you can find on the section towards the left. These make your experience on this virtual pornography website more fun!

  •     Explore: Here you get to explore, watch or at times search up videos that suit your liking.
  •     Playlists: Isn't it the best feature ever? So, if you've found a video, or photos for that matter, that just totally does it for you, you wouldn't want to lose it, will you? Of course not, you wouldn't! Playlists help you compile all those videos you most absolutely love, in one place.
  •     Categories: These are some category options that PornHub provides you. Categories help you choose what type of pornographic content you want to watch.
  •     Channels: Channels upload videos for you to explore, search up and view content. You can find your favourite videos in certain channels and can even become a regular visitor to one particular channel.
  •     Photos & Gifs: Just like videos, PornHub also offers certain explicit images and Gifs for you to look at.
  •     Member Search: PornHub also gives you the option of member search: you find the most popular verified members, most trending members, popular content partners, members with popular videos or photo albums along with top members when you opt to use this feature.
  • If the above features weren't enough to convince you, I've saved the best feature for the end. Presenting,
  •     Pornstar Models: Using this feature, you can look and follow online the Top Trending Pornstars like Dillion Harper and Kenzie Reeves. Or how about This Month's Most Popular Pornstars and Models? Lana Rhoades Mia Malkova Eva Elfie are the top picks this month!

Costs & Security of PornHub

    • The costs one has to bear to be a user of PornHub

PornHub as a website is absolutely free. Millions of people, including you can watch free porn on the website whenever you want but there sure is an option to become a premium member. You can check out an exclusive review of what it's like to be a premium user of PornHub here.

Other than that, PornHub has an exclusive shop! You can get your very own PornHub inspired hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts if you're an open lover of the art of porn.

    • The Security Measures That PornHub provides

It's common knowledge that anyone can upload videos on PornHub. There have been fiascos about how PornHub allowed the upload of nonconsensual porn videos, leading to 22 women sue Girls Do Porn. But measures have been taken to remove such videos. The issue of deepfake videos has also come up, but as a free pornographic video streaming website, PornHub does pretty well, regardless of this occasional stain on its record.

PornHub also has a blog, and some sexual health articles and measures that they take are talked about if you search up the website high and low. But obviously, there's always the option for you to just look at porn. All I'm saying is, it's there if you want to read or know more about it.

Other than that, there's the usual Support option. You can look at the Help section or even post a feedback on PornHub. And oh, the settings let you maneuver between more than 10 languages!

Did I mention PornHub also has an App?

Yes! PornHub, aside from being a desktop website, now also has an user friendly app with all these features and more! And it's completely easy to use. If you have any questions or queries, raid the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) section and you're sure to get an answer!

The FAQ can be exclusively for members or for general or premium users. Questions like,

How to watch private videos?

How to cancel the premium subscription?

How to tag members?

Or any queries about Adding Friends on PornHub can be solved by a quick read!

PornHub Website Review Conclusion: It is definitely something worth recommending

PornHub is not only free but also has features that make streaming this website super fun. You can opt for the premium subscription if you want to support the art and watch HD porn at the same time. Even without it, PornHub is absolutely the best pornographic video streaming website!

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