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Introduction and various details about You Jizz

YouJizz is an easily accessible, juicy, slutty porn website. Established in 2007 this website is 13 years old. It receives about 470k visitors a day with 2.11m page views each day. A few years back, YouJizz was devoid of content. You couldn’t stick around for long because there were better websites.

Nowadays, this platform is different. It’s not like it used to be. The content posted on the site is respectable. Expect straight, hardcore porn and related material that will get you bust in a matter of no minutes. At the moment, the site has more than 4 million videos.

The videos on this platform are lengthy. You will get hooked on them for hours. They have focused on the professional side of entertainment. Its, however, doesn’t mean you can find some amateur videos here. You will find all types of good-quality porn here.

Before these changes, YouJizz was awful. Before, you could browse from hope to upset. The outside layer was also terrible. You could get greeted with poor-quality thumbnails. They looked with fake ads and not videos but not anymore. The images were worst than even worse tube sites.

YouJizz has improved and is not the terrible site it used to be.

User Interface and Quality on YouJizz

YouJizz features a dark mode that is eye-catching. The design is user-friendly, and navigating the site easy. I would say this kind of fucking mode will give you an instant boner. The content is divided into gay, lesbian, shemale, and straight. But there is much more to enjoy.

There is no category on the site, but it doesn’t mean YouJizz doesn’t classify the videos. The selection of videos on YouJizz is more detailed and the video selection is in the tags section. You can watch clips according to your preference. The only limitation is your imagination.

If you would like to do, you will need to register. The registration process is simple. You need basic information, verify email and start your porn journey.

As mentioned earlier, YouJizz is easy to use, and the interface is well-designed. It gives this site a charismatic look and there is a download segment on the screen. The component enables you to share or download the content. I must mention that for you to download any video, you need to be a registered member.

The content on the site is the selling point of YouJizz. The more users on the site are because of the extensive archive. It has brought many followers to this site. In other words, this tube site has plenty of videos. You can categorize them according to your preference.

You can adjust the quality of the video you are watching. But the quality of these videos is different especially the amateur ones. You will notice the HD section is in different colors. The different colors do not mean it’s a premium feature. It’s free like other features on the site.

You can filter videos on YouJizz by the actor or actress. When you click the pornstar section, the names will appear on the screen. You can have fun with models on the site in two ways. The first one is under the search bar. The second one is the LiveSex section.

The LiveSex section has a lot of cameras with different categories. For instance, if you want a virgin slut you can have fun with them online. At the same time, you can chat with them. Don’t forget the LiveSex elements are paid but at a reasonable time. Like any other site, you pay for interaction and for private.

Important Features of YouJizz

  • LiveCamsNothing will give you a boner like having a chat with a girl as she performs before you. This site is home to beautiful sluts be they amateur and experienced. The choice is yours to whom you would like to have fun.
  • Perfect DesignThe screen display creates the horny atmosphere. It’s easy to navigate the site using the search bar. If you want top videos, they classify them according to week and month. I can term the site as sexual, juicy, and easily accessible.
  • Diverse contentLike other sites, the content on this website is diverse. You will hardly lack something to watch. The videos vary from short clips to full-length videos. Whether you are into amateur or pro porn videos, there are plenty of them.
  • Mobile friendlyYou don’t need a desktop to browse YouJizz. With a mobile phone, you are good to go. The mobile version is similar to that of the desktop. It’s compact and easy to navigate. Just like the desktop version, the mobile version allows you to download free videos.

Pricing and Membership with You Jizz

YouJizz is a free porn platform. You can watch porn clips without registration. But if you want to unlock more features, you need to register your account. If you need access to premium content on the website, you need to upgrade your membership.

Pros and Cons


- It is a free website to watch porn clips.

- It’s easy to navigate.

- It has a vast collection of porn videos.

- It has lots of pornstars, meaning lots of content.

- It has several categories to choose videos.

- Live sex is available with lots of horny beautiful girls.


- You need to upgrade your membership to access top clips.

- Lots of destructing ads.

- Some pop-ups come up when browsing pausing videos.

- The website doesn’t have 24/7 customer support.

Customer Support

YouJizz doesn’t have 24/7 customer service. If you have an issue or complaint, you need to use the Contact us form. It is the only available method to present your problem.

The website doesn’t have a FAQs page. It is a challenge for many beginners to the website. It’s hard to determine what you expect or has an idea about the website.

What is the Selling Point of YouJizz?

YouJizz provides a link to where you can meet and fuck. One night stand and no strings attached. If you prefer real fucking that jerking off, get to this tuber site. The range of clips on the site is worth mentioning. Credit be given where it’s due. A few years ago, YouJazz was a terrible website with low-quality content. Nowadays, the platform update quality content is worth your time.

The user experience and design have improved. Not like it used to be. A perfect outlay is one thing that will attract users. The mobile version is also to mention. You can enjoy your favorite clips on the go.

Suggestions/Talking Point.

The site needs to do something about the popunder ads. They get annoying sometimes. I understand porn sites make some cash from these ads, but at times they go too far.

Customer support is key to subscribers or potential users. It’s hard for some people to use the contact form. No one is sure if the email will fall in the inbox of scams or not. Porn website has millions of users, and you can’t tell how soon you will get a reply? It is something YouJizz needs to work on.

YouJizz review Conclusion

In terms of adult perverted content, YouJizz has tried. Thumbs up to the vast videos on the platform. This platform allows everyone to get a load off for free. It houses more than 3 million videos all of them for free. It explains why you can see positive reviews about this site.

The videos are both homemade porn germs and HD videos. In my opinion, the website design isn’t as great as some porn websites. They can still do more. You may say it is not the significant site, but the worst days of YouJizz are gone.

Well, I can’t say it is a poor website. It is worth checking out, and You will no doubt jerk off. Every site has its positives and drawbacks. Let the flaws not make you not visit the site. It might turn out to be the best porn platform for you. 

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YouJizz reviews

Written by Damon&tvd
Thursday 21 March 2024
Dude, these videos are truly awesome.
Dude, these videos are legit awesome
Written by John
Sunday 29 January 2023
Ideal sex poses
I really find your ideal sex human sexy poses online? Real fuck feel in bedroom.

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