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XNXX Review: Why Is XNXX Rapidly Becoming The New Craze Among Us? XNXX is a pornography website with streaming videos and nasty games. Is this why this website is gaining popularity?

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Introduction, Description & A Brief History of XNXX

Only a few searches are needed on the internet for you to come face-to-face with multiple reviews and links taking you to XNXX - the hot and happening adult pornography website. This article is a review for XNXX!

The specialty of this website is it not only lets you stream videos but gives you the option to play a bunch of nasty games. It seems that porn lovers and game lovers unite here on XNXX!

    • A brief description of XNXX as a pornography website.

XNXX is a mirror website of XVideos (A pornography video sharing and watching website). If you set out to find XNXX on Wikipedia, not much will turn up. But XVideos have been here longer than ever. Why, only XNXX is celebrating it's 20th year anniversary in 2021! Can you believe then, how long a journey this pornographic website has travelled and survived to become what it is today?

WGCZ owns this whole chain of adult websites. When you get inside XNXX, you'll find a special channel which has exclusive videos by Bang Bros, among other adult channels, oh but more on that later. XVideos might not be as popular as PornHub but in 2021, it was one of the most visited porn websites in the world! Visiting these websites, be it XVideos or XNXX, let you know the number of just how many people have visited the website. And oh boy, a lot of people sure do watch porn.

    • The beginnings of XNXX: A Brief History

Available in more than 10 languages, XNXX started it's journey from the city of love Paris. At first it was only a website where you could watch and stream porn, like a YouTube for pornographic content. All types of content was available, be it expert or amateur. But by 2012, the website and it's pages were getting billions of hits and views per month.

Fabian Thylmann, dreaming of acquiring the monopoly on all things porn and all things porn websites, wanted to buy XVideos in 2012 but the French owner said an extremely sassy NO (his exact words were "Sorry, I have to go and play Diablo II). Things probably got a little out of hand after all because XVideos started asking its content providers to never delete their videos, basically pledge their allegiance, or shut down their accounts immediately and go somewhere else.

Anyway, that's all in the past. 2021 has been a great year for both XVideos and XNXX. They're flourishing. We're helping them flourish by watching their videos. Their views keep increasing. And we keep getting our free porn.

The overall user interface and quality of XNXX

There's obviously free porn videos for everyone to see. And once you get into the website, it's pretty easy to surf. It doesn't have many complicated features that make you go a bit dizzy but it has its own qualities. The best of them being that it's not only a pornographic video streaming and sharing platform. No, XNXX is way more than that.

    • User interface of XNXX

Free porn videos line up one after the other just after you enter the website XNXX. And not just single videos, there are a bunch of similar videos grouped together. It's a great place for someone looking for a particular type of pornographic videos.

Another one of the great things is XNXX provides a section dedicated to "Today's selection" where a bunch of videos are handpicked and selected for a certain group of porn. Some such groups of pornographic videos would be Mom and son, Big Ass, Black Girls, Transexual, Big Tits, 18, Dad and Daughter, Mature Women, cheating wife, Sexy Girls, Japanese Mom and so many more.

The features that XNXX has to offer

Now we've finally come to the good stuff. This XNXX review article was written to talk only about the features of XNXX and how different they are from all the other pornography websites out there!

  •     Porn chat: Firstly, other than providing us with the option of viewing sexy pornographic content, XNXX also let's us chat with sexy women. Porn chat is something that has interested many users of XNXX.
  •     History: This feature lets you keep a tab on what you're looking at on XNXX. If you watched some great video and need to go back to it, the history feature will make sure you have that option.
  •     Best of (month): This is another feature that interests users. XNXX keeps nominating videos on the basis of most watched or most hits and makes them the best videos of that particular month. For example, one of the best videos of August 2021 was when the boy "Secretly removes condom to give creampie surprise" and it's a pretty damn good video.
  •     Hits: Hits are one parameter of which video is most watched or most trending on XNXX.
  •     Tags: This feature on XNXX lets you know and keep a tab on how many people you tagged on how many times you were tagged on XNXX.
  •     Pictures: Like many other pornography websites, XNXX also gives you access to explicit images other than all the free videos you can see.
  •     Live Cam: Remember the Live Chat feature? Well, Live Cam is just like that, only better! In a live chat you get nasty on text, on Live Cam you get to do that face to face!
  •     Pornstars: XNXX gives you the exclusive option of watching videos by your favourite pornstars. Just to name a few from off the top of my head, Sara Jay and Alex Adams are women whose videos are worth checking out.

Some exclusive features that XNXX provides to you:

  •     Sex Stories: These are the features that make XNXX different than all the other pornography websites there are. Sex stories present to you nasty, explicit and mind-blowing stories about men, women and more! You can read these stories exclusively on XNXX, complete with illustrations and trust us when we say it, they're as hot as they can get! To give you certain examples, Visual Novels like "Lost Island" and the reading material on Reader's Corner like Hentai Manga are not to be missed!
  •     Games: Another wonderful feature on XNXX are the nasty games you can play. These games are complete with animation and are sure to keep you engaged. Games like Slutty Journey or Boobs in The City are some games you can Check out on XNXX!

The costs & security involved with XNXX

The cost factor on XNXX

Although the porn videos are free to watch, XNXX offers you the subscription of XNXX Gold: which is Ad Free and filled with Exclusive content. That means you get to watch long HD Videos uninterrupted. There are multiple categories to browse through in XNXX Gold as well. Some of them are Undercover Sluts, My Pervy Family, True Anal and the likes.

Another great quality of XNXX is they provide you with options within options. Let's say you pick a category, say My Pervy Family, you don't just get one video under that. There are countless videos just waiting for you to click open under that one category. On XNXX, you could surf through all of these varieties all day!

Security on XNXX

All the videos and special features are more or less restricted to people who are above the age of 18. A message flashes through the screen to ask how old you are if you go for the more exclusive features like Live Cam or XNXX Gold.

  •     Forum: In order to be a part of XNXX forum, you must log in or sign up into the website. The XNXX Forum is a space available to verified members of the XNXX community only.
  •     Censorship: XNXX, being the pornographic video streaming website that it is, is banned from a number of countries like India, Bangladesh, Malaysia or as such. But worry not, there's no block that a good VPN can't break through!

Have I mentioned there's an android app for XNXX?

Yes! XNXC has an android app which is as user-friendly as the website itself! And what's more is, you need no special permissions to download it on your android or watch the videos on the XNXX app. The app is also free of cost to download and can be accessed from the official website of XNXX!

Conclusion: XNXX Website Review

XNXX brings many fun things about pornography together! With videos, pictures, sex stories and sex games all in one place, XNXX is something definitely worth recommending. Anyone with any kind of taste - nasty or nerdy - is welcome to visit the website XNXX and combine them both!

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XNXX reviews

Written by John
Sunday 29 January 2023
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