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OnlyFans Review: It's The God Of Subscription Based Adult Platforms. Revisit this subscription based adult platform to find out through this review article why OnlyFans stands on top.

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Presentation of OnlyFans: Introduction, Description and A Short History

At this point, do we even need a review article for OnlyFans? We know it has been here for practically ages. And we also know that millions of users, including celebrities, have signed up to use this platform. And of course, after Bella Thorne had made sure to make OnlyFans ultra famous, almost everyone was talking about what it was. Ah, but if you all insist, let's get inside the world of OnlyFans to see what it's all about!

The greatest thing about OnlyFans is, even though many content creators use it to create and sell explicit content, it's not porn-centric. Sex workers may use this platform, but OnlyFans isn't all porno. There was a time when this platform banned all xxx content and restricted the exchange of porn, but it had soon come to terms with the fact that a platform like this would be nothing without its adult content creators. Most of the revenue of this website is driven by models who are a bit on the naughtier side.

Just sit and think about it, how cool is it that all you need to do is post some photos or share some videos and you get money! Money comes through not only subscriptions but tips. You chat with your fans as a model and if they like what you're talking about, they tip you. Some fans are ever generous, you just send them a naughty good morning picture and they shower their affection to you through tips!

    • Description of OnlyFans to anyone who doesn't know what it is

You can log into OnlyFans through Twitter, Google or Windows - pick whatever option suits you. Artists and entertainers, along with adult content creators can join the fun through making an account and signing in to an OnlyFans account! This platform is subscription based, that means you subscribe to the people you like by paying a subscription fee and get to view the content they publish. You also get to chat with these content creators.

    • A brief history of how OnlyFans became so famous

The story of how OnlyFans skyrocketed the popularity charts is known to almost everyone by now. Sex workers used this platform during the pandemic to stay connected to their clients. They'd ask the clients to subscribe to their profiles, chat with them, talk to them and earn their livelihood. And when all the other women - students to wives to moms - found out what a goldmine this was, they started joining in.

This platform isn't new, it was launched in 2016 but has been in limelight only in the recent years. The offices of this subscription based social media platform are based in London. Tim Stokely founded this platform with his brother Thomas and their father funded the whole project without much hope for it. Today, there are now almost 2 million content creators on OnlyFans and about 130 million users.

User Interface And Quality of OnlyFans

The user interface of OnlyFans is extremely smooth and as easy to navigate through as any other social media platform. Once you register yourself with an email and a password, all the options and the features would be accessible to you in the menu on top of your screen.

    • As a fan on this platform

You must input your credit card information as soon as you set your profile. This enables you to subscribe to the models on OnlyFans. You have to register yourself, log in and set your gender preferences to continue browsing OnlyFans - it's all pretty standard. You can search for a person with their username or simply browse through the available options.

    • As a model on this platform

Being a model on OnlyFans requires you to go through a verification process which comes within the security parameters of this platform. Keep your ID, passport or driver's license with you as you'll need to take a picture of yourself with it to be verified.

Something to keep in mind is that you'll have to sign an agreement if you're giving someone else permissions to use your photos. You need to download this agreement, print it out and sign it before uploading the signed agreement on OnlyFans.

The Features OnlyFans provides to its users

There are multiple features of this platform - contents aside, starting from chats to live cams, this app has made sure a user gets their money's worth. Listed below are some other features that benefit both fans and models on OnlyFans.

    • The Pay Per View or PPV feature ensures that you get to see the content you like but not pay the entire or a very large amount for it. This feature is good for anyone who wants to see a lot of diverse quality content at the same time without having to commit to only the purchased media.

    • The Referral feature is another grand thing about OnlyFans! If you, as a model, refer this platform to another user, you'll get a payout of 5% of their incomes. This is limited to $1 million per user and only for the first 12 months. Ah but you can refer this platform to as many people as you want! The referral payouts happen once every month, preferably on the first day.

    • The feature of sending Live Photos to your fans works in both ways - it benefits both the fan and the model. First, you get to be extra naughty with any fan and deliver their customized requests whenever they desire it. Doing this ensures that you, as a model, get to showcase your talents to the fullest. As a fan, by receiving live photos you can make sure the person you're interacting with is in fact who they say they are.

    • Tips are the best things about OnlyFans! As a model, not only do you get tips for being extra nice...or naughty but with tips your income multiplies. You develop an understanding with your fans and know exactly what they like. The fans receive what they want and you deliver the best you can!

The spending limitations on OnlyFans are probably the best feature they can provide. After what happened with Bella Thorne - she took $200 to send someone nudes but didn't deliver - these limitations give you some protection, as a fan, to not spend way too much for something that might or might not be as per your liking.

The Costs And Security When It Comes To OnlyFans

OnlyFans has been here for quite some time now so we all know it's a legitimate platform. As a model, you earn 80% of your revenues and 5% of any referrals that you make.

As a fan, you only spend as much money as you have to for subscription purposes. There's no limit imposed in this sector, you can subscribe to as many models as you want to.

    • Security reasons concerned with OnlyFans

Many content creators might want to use a stage name or a pseudonym when sharing content on OnlyFans because of how sex centric it's reputation has become. Also, you have to be at least 18 to be a user.

OnlyFans Review Conclusion: It is recommended to both newbies and expert content creators

OnlyFans will always be a trusted platform and recommended to everyone. Apart from that one time when it practically disowned every adult content creator, it had been pretty solid. The revenues come in smoothly, the fans can use the interface easily and the models are mostly happy - win win win!

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OnlyFans reviews

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Saturday 9 March 2024
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Wednesday 4 January 2023
Quality Service
Most of the websites offer quality over quantity, or vice versa, but OnlyFans promises both.

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