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4Fans Review: What This Exciting New Platform Is All About! 4Fans is an up and coming platform for adult content creators. Find out all about it in this review article!

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Presentation of 4Fans: Introduction, Description and A Short History

The platform is certainly quite inviting with it's peppy decor! 4Fans is extremely hot right now because more than more influencers, models and adult content creators are opening up their accounts on this platform to make a quick buck.

What's unusual about this platform is you'll see that it's filled with not just adult content creators and sex workers with xxx porno content but with other influencers trying to establish themselves. If you read these reviews you'll get the idea of what I mean by the previous statement.

    • Description of what 4Fans is

4Fans would have been just like any other subscription based adult content sharing and viewing platform except there are two things that make it stand apart. The first is when we type 4Fans on Google we don't just gen search results that take us to this website but we also get search results that show us literal fans.

I'm talking ceiling fans, people. To get anything 4Fans - the platform not the ceiling fans - you'd have to type 4Fans Get Closer. "Get Closer" is the tagline used by this platform. Get your Google searches detailed if you want to find this platform. As 4Fans is still relatively new, we have to toil a bit to find it.

The second thing that makes 4Fans stand apart from any other subscription based adult content sharing and viewing platform is that this platform isn't subscription based at all! Yup, you read it right, this platform does not need fans to subscribe to the influencers. The fans can view the content, look at the pictures or clips that are showcased for free. And they can directly buy any photo, video or clip they like without the hassle of subscription.

Some things you need to keep in mind is that you can't interchange between a fan to model account and vice versa. If you want to try out being both, you need to create multiple accounts!

    • A history of 4Fans

If we were to put two and two together, we'd know that 4Fans - because it's so new that it celebrated it's one year anniversary as a functional platform just a few weeks ago - only originated after OnlyFans decided to ban sexually explicit content.

The decision that OnlyFans took to remove all adult content from their platform made a lot of people realize they needed to find an alternative platform, a back-up, if you must call it that now that after much backlash OnlyFans has reversed their decision.

4Fans comes into the category of one of those platforms that rose to popularity after OnlyFans took a brief backseat. An Instagram profile for 4Fans lets us know what they're upto and how the influencers are managing on the platform. It also introduces us to a few creators on their platform.

User Interface And Quality of 4Fans

Here's where things get even more interesting. 4Fans is sort of just like Instagram, only there's spending money involved...so basically it's just like Instagram. Instagram shows you ads of things you don't really need but buy because they look so cool in those fancy ads (speaking from personal experience, I have 3 crystal necklaces now and I don't even wear jewelry) and 4Fans lets you browse through the profile of beautiful people and you buy…well, maybe you do need to look at those clips. After all, we're all allowed to cut ourselves some slack, am I right?

    • For A Fan

So to talk about the technicalities, because it's very much like Instagram, the search filters are aligned just like in Instagram's explore page. You could find the categories - namely, top, sexy, babe, hot, booty and similar, listed one after the other on top of the explore page. The photos you see here are free to view. If you want to access any exclusive images, you'll need to get inside the influencer's profile, pay and then access these files.

Your explore page would be filled with pictures of beautiful women already. The categories help you decide if you want to see something specific. Similarly, you can search for a particular influencer or model by typing their username in the search box and you would find them instantly! You can run a search based on hashtags and locations on this platform!

As a fan, you will control your preferences and access any functions on this platform through the menu on the top right corner. Your gender preferences can be saved through this menu as well. You can also find your purchased items by using this menu.

Simply fill your wallet and click on any locked or payable picture you want to see and it will be stored in your profile. You can also receive payable media in private chats. You can access this media even if the influencer deletes or removes it. This is an ultimate perk for 4Fans - if you've bought something here, it's yours forever!

You can fill your wallet and let the amount stay in your wallet as long as you want because the amount never expires. This is a great feature of 4Fans as you'll never have to worry about rushing this way.

    • For a Model

You can add as many posts as you like and select at least 2 tags to publish them. These tags help you come up in searches when fans use hashtags to search for something specific. Also it's advisable to write a bit of a short description for your payable content to pique a fan's interest.

As a model you can change the price of your content any time you like. Keep in mind that creators can withdraw amounts when they reach a minimum of 200 EUR and payouts can be carried out every 15 days. Also, you get 75% of the total amount, so you might want to give it a thought if this platform is for you or not.

One perk of using this platform as a model could be that if you use the tags and the hashtags properly, you'll get automatic traffic of fans to your content!

Features Provided by 4Fans

Some features provided by this platform are:

    • 4Fans offer 4 Genders to choose from. It's quite a great feature for anyone who's looking for a little bit of representation in this field as well. All the interests and preferences are welcome here!

    • The Following feature on this platform gives you the opportunity to follow the creators you like. You can watch the free content uploaded by them once you follow them. The payable content is also visible for you to choose from. The best part is that following the influencers on 4Fans is absolutely free! Also, you can unfollow them anytime you want.

    • 4Fans also provides the feature of Geo-Blocking, if any model ever needs to use it.

    • There are certain Tips available for models to create, manage and grow on 4Fans. They're accessible to everyone through the help section of this platform.

    • The FAQ feature is quite helpful for not only general queries but also to answer specific questions that could be raised by both a fan or a model.

The Costs And Security When It Comes To 4Fans

As a fan, your bank information is absolutely secure with 4Fans. Other users only get to see your username and the photo you've chosen to upload along with any description and the location where you're from. The history of your purchases on this platform also remains private and no-one but you can see what photos or content you've bought.

As a creator you'd be happy to know that as per the terms and conditions of 4Fans, sharing your photos, media or any type of content is banned for any fan. Only the fan who has purchased your content is allowed to look at it.

4Fans Review Conclusion: something that the fans might enjoy immensely but models need to do some thinking

4Fans is new and is still developing itself as a platform but it seems like it'll all fall into place one by one. They've already started tweaking to bring in new perks! This website certainly is recommended to everyone who wants to indulge in a fun pass time!

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4Fans reviews

Written by John
Wednesday 4 January 2023
Good website
The website have something very especial for every person's interest and they keep getting bigger and better in every way.

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