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JustForFans Review: It's The Best Thing For Adult Content Enthusiasts. JustForFans have declared themselves patron saints of porn! And they're the best adult content enthusiasts can hope for.

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Presentation of JustForFans: Introduction, Description and A Short History

Well well well, let's see what exclusively we have here...many call JustForFans the 'cousin' of OnlyFans and really, that's not doing justice to any of them, because when have siblings or cousins, for that matter, ever been happy about being compared to one another?

A more explicit cousin or not, when OnlyFans decided to momentarily call it quits on adult content and decided to send all these adult content creators into a frenzy, JustForFans stepped up to be the Big Brother. It announced proudly how it would never forsake creators as these.

What else they did was splash some mud on OnlyFans saying there's no guarantee OnlyFans won't decide to just 'cancel' adult content again. Anyway, this feud, sort of, is neither here nor actually there. This review article won't make a comparison between these two rival sites...only tell you what JustForFans is all about.

User Interface And Quality of JustForFans: For both A Fan And A Model

Let's not forget that for a website like this which provides services to 'fans' there is a dual user interface we need to look at. The minute you get into the homepage, you'll be asked either to join in as a creator or a user. So first things first, I'd like to clarify what a fan or a model is.

A Fan is a user on this platform - and when I say fan I don't mean you'd have to gear up to rally and cheer for someone whose fan you are. Being a fan on a platform like JustForFans means you'd be the user buying services of content creators. You're the one who's paying the platform, along with the creator, to see what you subscribe for - we'll get into the details of the whole business about subscribing in a minute.

A Model is the content creator. Now, JustForFans is almost explicitly about adult content, so as a creator you'll be showcasing your talents(s) in this sector with photos, videos and GIFs, if that's something you're down with. A model needs to build themself a creator profile and upload content for fans to subscribe, pay and watch.

    • The Quality of JustForFans

Here this review article will explain how it all works. For better clarification, this section has been divided into two separate sections for fans and models. Each section deals with how the quality of JustForFans is for each of them.

As a fan on JustForFans

As JustForFans will never ban sex related or sexual content, this is your one step to get customized porn. I'm not even kidding, porn is something a lot of people enjoy but there's always this thought in the back of some people's mind - are these people here willingly? Is that woman being forced into the porn industry? - well, not anymore.

Here you not only pay directly to the person whose videos or images you'd be subscribing to watch but you also know that they're here most willingly. Models get from 80% to 85% of the subscription revenue. Multiple people love showing off their bodies and that stems from self love. JustForFans is a platform that stays strong over this principle.

    • Okay, so to get the technicalities straight, JustForFans is mostly like a basic porn site and much less like a social media platform. You most absolutely have to sign in with your email and a password and create an account to even see what it's like on the inside.

    • The next thing you need to do is fill in your credit or debit card information. Keep in mind that there's no such thing as a free lunch in JustForFans. There will be no sneak peaks and no trailers before you register and not even a single image customized for you before you subscribe to a model. The models are very exclusive and private on this platform, you've got to let go of some moolahs to connect with them.

    • Once you're inside you need to fill in some filters and choose which gender you prefer to subscribe to and look at - establish this gender filter and your homepage will be filled with, preferably NSFW, content for you to choose from.

    • Now comes the free previews, and these include some photos or biographical information. Since you've already set up your wallet - you can access your wallet from a number of options available on your top left - you'll be able to subscribe to people whose previews you liked.

As a model on JustForFans

The user interface for a fan is as simple as eating cake. Well, first you sign into your Twitter page, then you select your gender and update your bio and you're done! Next step would be to select explore categories like "anal" or "cosplay". Did I mention you have to yourself bake this cake you're eating?

Next comes the general settings where you'll choose whether you want to take out your earnings weekly or monthly. You can also adjust your pricing or give some money to charitable partners of JustForFans. There are also options to set up SMS alerts if you're a model!

Keep in mind that you also have to provide your bank account details to JustForFans. And what is most absolutely necessary is an ID - this could be your driver's license, or your passport or any ID card. Since this is a review article, I'm not really going deep into tips for models - I'm playing for the other team here, this article is to show how fans benefit on this platform - but if you want to be a performer and create content on this platform, you can check this article out!

Features To Enjoy In JustForFans

JustForFans brings to you a list of features as a fan! Listed below are the perks of being a registered user.

    • Subscribing to models on JustForFans allows you to access their full profiles. You can look at their archived videos, join in live with them and even text them! All you need is to tap that subscription button on their profile! The subscriptions come in either one, or three or six months. You get to choose the period for how long you'd want to subscribe to a particular model.

    • The top left corner of this platform also brings to you "Today's Sales"! This section is filled with good bargains and daily discounts. Some models even allow 14 day trials before subscription and you could bag an offer such as this if you're lucky.

    • You can also find Recommendations on the top left menu. This section contains popular content which is recommended for you.

    • JustForFans also brings you the feature to Browse Categories. You could look for something specific through this fine tune search option like "BDSM" or "Couples".

    • The All Models feature lets you scroll through all the models exclusively available for you in JustForFans. You can also see what their subscription prices are as you scroll as they're clearly listed below.

    • Geo-Blocking is a feature exclusively for models who can block users, or fans, from a certain geographical location. This helps models to be a little discreet if they want to be so.

Costs And Security Involved In JustForFans

You obviously have to pay the amount listed as the subscription fee to subscribe to a model on JustForFans. Other than that, there are no customary costs on JustForFans.

    • The security measures taken by JustForFans

The security of JustForFans is actually pretty good as they have only verified performers as models. To become a model you need to have a Twitter account. This twitter account is automatically linked with your JustForFans model account but you get the option to change your name and bio. JustForFans won't post for you on Twitter unless you give it permission to do so.

The verification process is quite legit and this ensures fans get to see quality content that is original.

JustForFans Website Review Conclusion: It is a constant source of joy for both adult content creators and viewers

JustForFans is a safe space for xxx enthusiasts. And since it has vowed to never ban sexually explicit content or porn on its platform, it is recommended to anyone looking for customized pornographic or sexually explicit content. JustForFans also directly supports adult content creators so that's another plus!

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Just For Fans reviews

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