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Fansly Review: Can You Trust Fansly With Your Whims And Money? Fansly is supposed to be as great as OnlyFans but is it legit? Find out if you can trust it to deliver quality content.

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Presentation of Fansly: Introduction, Description and A Short History

Rumour has it, when OnlyFans had decided to ban sexually explicit content, servers of Fansly actually crashed because all the traffic moved there. Okay, it's not a rumour but a known fact because almost everyone was talking about this exodus!

Fansly suddenly came to the front after this incident and since then a lot of people have been curious about if this platform is really all that great. Well, I bring to you this review article to clarify just that!

    • Description: What is Fansly?

Fansly is an adult content sharing and viewing platform very much similar to OnlyFans and JustForFans. OnlyFans and Fansly even have a similar layout! Fans, or users who pay to view this content, subscribe to certain models to exclusively see what content they are creating. Fans get to choose these models by scrolling through the multiple options provided to them.

It's customary to log into a Fansly account before any of that can happen. Fansly is exclusively for registered users who either have a viewer or a creator account. There's no such demarcation between the accounts or a separate log in, but once you're inside the platform it's customized based on whether you're a paying user or a xxx content creator.

    • A short history of Fansly

Porno content has gained worldwide popularity and has been made accessible to anyone enthusiastic of sex just recently but porn has been here for centuries. Fansly, in particular, was created in November 2020 and started blooming like a sexy flower earlier this year (2021). Almost 2.1 millions users have found their online home in Fansly.

Select Media LLC, Baltimore and CY Media LTD, Kamares owns Fansly. And they're in turn owned by someone named Michael Etelis who has around 8 companies in total that are associated with online media.

The Overall User Interface And Quality of Fansly

    • If you're a content creator or a sex-worker

20% of the revenues go to Fansly while 80% remains with the creators. But keep in mind that you need to be at least 18 to create an account on this platform. To be a creator, the drill is same here - you register yourself to open an account, verify your bank details, set up your profile and wait a number of days for the verification process to be complete.

Keep your driver's license or passport handy as you'll need it for verification. Set your prices, select the categories you're displaying content for, and viola, you're good to go! Don't forget to set an appealing profile and cover image. The whole process is relatively similar to any other social network cum subscription platform.

    • If you're a paying user or a subscriber

A paid user can look at the suggestions given to him or her or search up anyone they want to subscribe to by typing their username. It's fairly easy to set up a user account. You register yourself on the platform by using an email id and password. Next, you set up your card details and that's it.

After your profile has been set up you can subscribe to people and start enjoying their content immediately! The subscription prices, free content and subscription tier options are mentioned in a creators profile as you scroll down. The user interface of Fansly is pretty efficient that way!

Features That Fansly Brings To You

A great thing about Fansly is that they have included almost every imaginable fetish there is. Fetishes like "hypnosis" is also available to be searched for on this platform! Although obviously, any illegal activity, violence or racism is strongly prohibited and banned. But Fansly offer some great features nonetheless, some of them are listed below.

    • Suggestions lead you to the more established and popular creators. This feature makes sure you view the best Fansly has to offer. To name some of the most popular verified creators on Fansly, Amouranth is one of them!

    • The Search feature on Fansly allows you to find all the verified users through username. This feature is similar to and is shared by almost all the adult creating and viewing platforms.

    • One of the unique features of Fansly is the option to provide Subscription Tiers. There's a free subscription tier and a paid subscription tier. Free tiers usually include photos and videos as a teaser and paid tiers give the buyers access to the more censored and naughty pictures. There can also be different rates for paid subscribers - as a xxx content creator you can charge different amounts from your VIP subscribes and offer them exclusive content.

    • Fansly has a targeted Geo-Blocking feature that comes handy to models to be discreet, if they feel the need to be so.

Costs And Security in Fansly

I actually have mixed feelings about the security of Fansly. While doing my research I've come to notice not one but at least 3 negative reviews. They talk about how Fansly is trying to steal user's credit card Fansly is filled with fake profiles of women who never responded back. Some added charges against Fansly is that they have some hidden charges which they don't display together with the subscription fees. Fansly is also said to have deducted money from this particular user every month even though he didn't sign up to pay every month.

The last charge can be countered as a lot of websites have the option of auto subscription. Auto subscription renews your subscription to something particular every month automatically and deducts the amount from your card at the same time. You'd have to manually unsubscribe or switch off the option of subscribing every month automatically for this to stop happening.

What remains then, is the other charges against Fansly, but those have been countered by numerous other users. They say Fansly is completely legit and this user with the negative review must have either said "stupid things" to the models and lost their interest or maybe hadn't left a tip which guarantees responses. Many people came forward to say how they themselves are users of Fansly and no credit card information was stolen whatsoever.

There has been a splash of a little mud here and there - you can follow these comments here if you'd like to make a judgement on your own. But multiple users - both models and fans - have claimed that Fansly is something that might be new in the limelight, but is completely safe to use. And they do have a sense of humor though, I'd give them that.

    • The security measures involved with Fansly

Fansly is an open space for anyone to showcase their content creating, mostly adult, talent. It's extremely sex-worker friendly. I mean, yes, it's not the very best alternative because of the mixed reviews but it's also relatively new so we should give it some time. If you're keen on trying out this platform, a tip would be to subscribe to just one or a few people and see how it goes.

Once you start getting your content and have talked to some of the creators on this platform, you would have made sure no one is trying to scam you and continue enjoying the fruits of your patience. Moreover, the support team of Fansly has let everyone know that they're working on bringing in the option to pay via crypto currency. Once that is properly sorted, I think Fansly would be quite alright.

Fansly Website Review Conclusion: You can give it a try if you are adventurous and keen on finding fresh content

One could find some controversies regarding Fansly but there seems to be no harm in trying it out. This platform is recommended to anyone who's not afraid to take risks and is looking for new content! This relatively new adult subscription based platform might just be for you!

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FansLy reviews

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Friday 22 March 2024
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Wednesday 4 January 2023
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